Celebrating India’s Cultural Diversity

Discover the fascinating cultures of Central Himalaya

From the sacred history of the Char-Dham pilgrimage, to the haunting mystery of Skeleton Lake, this book delves into the essence of the magnificent state of Uttarakhand.



Thank you for sending me your beautiful book on Uttarakhand. I am sure it will find many readers.  My best wishes and please continue writing about our mountain state.

Ruskin Bond

Award-winning Author

Sneak Peek

About the Author

A civil servant of 2018 batch, Neha Mittal loves to write about the Himalayas, its legends and the culture of its people. Her debut book, Devbhoomi Uttarakhand, delves deep into the Himalayan state and uncovers the stories behind its sacred centres and celebrates the culture of its diverse communities.

Neha’s sojourn with the mountains began with training at the prestigious institutes of LBSNAA in Mussoorie and NAAA in Shimla. Her posting in Dehradun allowed her to intimately experience the culture of Uttarakhand, which served as a profound source of motivation for this book. Readers can reach out to her on

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